Traveling with Ember and Imogen

Two musicians I love are traveling these days. They both have blogs they update regularly that I find fascinating to read. Their little glimpses into other cultures make me want to get out and see them myself, but I guess it’s pretty much the next best thing!

Ember Swift
is about two months through a three month stay in Beijing where she is immersing herself in the language, culture and the music scene. She has a degree in East Asian Studies and had always planned to go to China “when the music thing died down”, but when she realized that there was no dying down to the music, maybe she’d better make space to just go anyway, and see if she could find that place where music and the Mandarin language mix. Sounds like she’s having a blast following her dream, and her writing is really descriptive, poetic and insightful. I love how she even takes pictures of/explains the toilets in the floor on occasion – one of those different culture things you wonder about but no one seems to explain, till now!

Imogen Heap
is really trotting around the globe and staying in all sorts of exotic places while she writes material for her next album. I just discovered her somewhat recently, but apparently she kept a regular blog the last time she made an album too. Says it keeps her accountable and actually working. (I totally get that!) She takes pictures and also little video clips which is cool. Her brain works in such amazing ways, it pushes me to explore wacky possibilities.

Anyway, a really cool thing is that their traveling paths crossed somewhat in Beijing recently! Imogen ended up playing at a festival called the Midi Festival, and Ember was there to see the performance! They didn’t actually meet or anything, but it was neat to make the connection after reading both their blogs. I ended up leaving a comment on Ember’s blog directing her to Imogen’s, but she couldn’t read it because a lot of MySpace is blocked where she was. She wrote me back to ask if I could copy and paste the text in an email so I did! :)

I feel all like I’ve brushed with fame or something, and all proud of myself for figuring the link out.

Anyhoo, check it out for yourself if you wish!

Ember’s experience:

Imogen Heap’s experience:

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