I’m always happy to meet new female artists on Lyrical Venus!  I feature music from both well established acts and independent artists on my radio show and blog.

To be considered for airplay on the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour, please send music to:

Lyrical Venus Radio Hour
405 N. 2nd St.
Fairfield, IA 52556

10/19/11 UPDATE: I am currently in Austin, TX working on my own EP.  Thanks to the internet I am still doing my radio show but right now it’s best to email me!  I will update when I can accept physical submissions again.

To be considered for a blog feature, please send me your relevant links (EPK, MySpace, YouTube – wherever I can preview your music) to:

LyricalVenus at gmail dot com

Sadly I am only one person, Lyrical Venus is a labor of love, and there is a LOT of great music out there!  So if you submit something, please be patient.  I WILL check out everything.  But here are a few things to keep in mind to increase your chances and speed up the process:

  1. Take a look at my previous posts or playlists on the station to get a feel for the flavor of music I tend to play.  The range is pretty wide, but there’s a general theme.  If you don’t fit the theme, I probably won’t play you.  But I still think you are awesome for making music!
  2. No need to send everything all at once.  Just introduce yourself and send a link to someplace I can listen to your music and I’ll let you know if you should send a CD or download link.
  3. I’m more likely to feature you on the blog if we do an interview, either written or on the air. In fact, at the moment I am pretty much only posting when I have an interview.  (I do post videos on my Lyrical Venus tumblr at random times, so if you have an awesome video you could submit that as well..) My show is from 9am-10am Central Time on Tuesdays.  Interviews are 3o minutes, including two or sometimes three songs.  If that time doesn’t work for you, I can occasionally set up a time to pre-record, but that’s a lot more work for me. While I’m in Texas I am pre-recording all my interviews on Skype (unless you are here in Austin and we record it live).  If you don’t have Skype, it’s a free download works on Mac or PC and is very easy to use.  We can also do written interviews where I send you the questions and you fill in the answers and send it back.
  4. I’m more likely to play your music on my radio show if you include a one sheet with a track listing, song titles and times.  (Unless these are clearly indicated on the CD packaging).  I absolutely have to know if there are any songs with profanity the FCC wouldn’t like, because I can’t play those. If you tell me ahead of time, I don’t have to listen to the whole album to find out.
  5. I don’t usually need a full physical press kit sent with the CD.  The one sheet is enough.  A jpg is usually more useful to me than a printed photo.  I DO need your press info, but save the paper and just let me know where I can find it all online, or email it to me if you don’t have it posted somewhere.  If I need something more, I’ll ask for it. :)
  6. DO follow up with me if you don’t hear back in a couple of weeks, I have a lot on my plate and sometimes things slip through the cracks!

If you have any questions, email me at LyricalVenus at gmail dot com!

Thank you for making music!  You rock!


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