Snow and Voices Interview on Lyrical Venus! Tues 6/22

Lauri Kranz of Snow & Voices

Lauri Kranz of Snow & Voices

So I’m sitting here in front of a fan on high speed, it’s thundering outside and apparently there’s a flash flood warning and a tornado watch going on for the I don’t know how many-th time in the past couple of weeks.  I’m also cooking a big batch of caramel sauce that involves boiling down a gallon and a half of milk for two hours, as in, all four stove burners are going.  So yeah, it’s hot and the humidity is sticking to me, along with a huge buzzing swarm of thoughts and to-do’s.

Then I scroll to the album Anything That Moves by Snow and Voices and click play.  A sweet, relaxed voice floats on top of an ocean of cool piano and waves of ambient strings.  I remember to breathe.

Lauri Kranz and Jebin Bruni are the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist fronting Snow and Voices, and they pulled together an impressive collective of other artists in their LA area to create Anything That Moves, which just released on May 25th.

Have a listen to their track Maybe Finland and see if you get the same sense of fresh air that I did:

Snow and Voices Maybe Finland by artofbroadcast

There’s a picture on their website of Lauri and Jebin lying in a patch of sunlight on a shaggy rug. Between the relaxed attitude, the fact that Anything That Moves is their third full-length album and their just coming off a month-long Saturday residency at Hotel Cafe, I have a feeling that the sense of ease created by their music has more to do with their incredible skills and putting in the time to make good music than actually having a mellow attitude toward life. Which they may have as well, but I’m just saying, sometimes really talented people have this way of making things look easy that are not.

I also have the feeling that I could put this album on in the winter and feel all toasty warm somehow.  That’s pretty powerful all-weather stuff!  Check them out yourself on their website or MySpace page.

Join me Tuesday, June 22nd from 9-10am Central for music by female singer-songwriters and an interview with Lauri Kranz from Snow and Voices.  Tune in to KRUU-LP 100.1 FM here in town, online anywhere!  Lauri will be calling at 9am.

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