Sharon Bousquet Video – All That A Woman Holds Dear

Oh yes friends, it has been a crazy few weeks! (Uh, so crazy that I wrote this whole post last night and forgot to hit the “publish” button!  oops!)  I’ll get to the Sharon Bousquet video in a minute but first a little update on what’s been keeping me so busy!

The last weekend in May I helped to stage manage a children’s dance performance, including a stint at the end of the show as one of eleven people manning the Chinese dragon:
Me with the Dragon
While this picture shows me with the head of the dragon, I was actually on the tail end, which was really hard – think crack the whip, and that’s me, hanging on for dear life, flying around the stage! It was really fun and watching the tiny kids perform was fabulous, they were in such awe of the huge theater and either so focused on getting their part right, or spacing out completely, or waving at their parents, and all looking adorable in their little costumes. When some of the mothers found out I didn’t have a kid in the show (No kids at all! Maybe someday!) they were pretty surprised I was doing all of it. It was a lot of hard work for a few days, but really, as far as theater commitments go it was light. It’s fun to do things I’d never done before, (really – when in my life would I get to perform as part of a Chinese Dragon?), and I like to support kids in the theater and dance. I know that creative outlet meant so much to me when I was younger, so keeping it alive in our community is important to me.

Then this past weekend was our First Friday’s Art Walk, which is always a busy weekend, but extra so for me this time because I’ve started working part time for Emerald Gallery and they were hanging a new show and working on promoting it!

Also last week I finally got a new laptop, and with it an iPod Touch, and I’m just switching cell phones too, so I’m in that transitional stage where I am kind of swapping between the old and new devices and sometimes having to carry around both because I haven’t moved something to the new one yet, plus learning all the quirks and ins and outs of the new ones.

But one of the big bonus points for the new laptop is the webcam and video editing software for ease of working with video clips! Here is a video of Sharon Bousquet that has been sitting on my camera for a couple of months now that I was finally able to upload to YouTube. It is one of her newer songs, and I just LOVE it. Very vivid imagery and it rings so true on so many levels.

Feed and email readers may need to come to the blog to see the video.

Lovely, eh?  Sharon has been writing a whole bunch of songs over the past year, enough for TWO albums!  Now all she needs is the money to get into the studio.  If you’re interested in supporting her endeavors, head over to her website and send her an email to find out how you can help:

Now that I’ve got the new laptop, I hope to be posting more videos like this more often!  Keep an eye out!  (Whoa, I just thought of that literally, and it’s kind of gross right?  An eye out of your head??)

Well, ANYWAY, that’s really the SHORT version of what’s going on for me, plenty of other crazy things but I do try to keep it music related on this blog.  :)  As always, I’m looking forward to doing my radio show tomorrow 9-10am Central.  No interview this time, just lots of great music, but boy do I have a bunch of good interviews with female singer-songwriters lined up for you in the next few weeks coming up – stay tuned to Lyrical Venus every Tuesday morning on!

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