Rachel Ries and Anaïs Mitchell Duo Project: "Country EP"

I’d like to introduce you to Rachel Ries and Anaïs Mitchell. I’ve mentioned them in passing a few times on this blog but especially in Rachel’s case never really properly which is a shame and quite selfish of me honestly. So without further ado, here they be:

Now imagine them singing to you…

Yes, it’s as divine as you think. But not all sugar sweetness.

Rachel has been playing with a band lately in Chicago and calling them “The Brawny Angels”. While I haven’t heard the band, knowing Rachel’s music I think it suits just perfectly – heavenly with a little grit around the edges. Light and fresh like laundry dried in the sun but with the kind of quiet, rooted strength that a prairie wind won’t knock over. Songs that remind you of rocking chairs and rowboats, clattery upright pianos and cross-country trains. Songs that always inspire my poetic side and make me wish I could do them justice with my descriptions. It’s probably better just to hear for yourself.

Anaïs has a voice that people will often describe as childlike but a listen to her songs will quickly prove her wisdom and world experience. I still would give a lot to see Hadestown, her folk-opera based on the Orpheus myth, but so far it’s only been put on in the New England area. I was so proud and excited when she was signed to Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe label.

Righteous Babe is also putting out the Country EP that Rachel and Anaïs did together. It’s a limited edition run CD that includes a 7 inch vinyl record. The vinyl has 3 songs – one by each of the girls and one by their friend Louis Ledford. The CD has those 3 songs plus one more from each gal. And of course all the songs have their amazing harmonies and that warm and comfortable vintage-y feeling you’d expect from them.

Rachel also did her latest album Without A Bird on vinyl which I thought was a brilliant idea. I bought it even though I don’t have a record player, seeing as it was only five dollars more than the regular CD, the CD came with it anyway, and it was totally worth it just for the beautiful album art in that big record size.

Here are the gals singing one of the songs off the album called O My Star!

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Rachel and Anaïs are doing a tour of the Northeast with a band starting September 9th. See either of their MySpace pages for more details. (and to hear songs and see pictures and buy albums)

Oh and here’s that link to the limited edition Country EP on Righteous Babe again so you can order it!

photo credit: Emma Gluckman

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just came back from seeing this show. They have assembled an outstanding group of musicians to back them. Well worth the few dollars it cost to go see them. The Northeast tour ended tonight but they are planning a Midwest tour sometime in the future.

  2. Heather says:

    Glad to hear it was a great show. I’m hoping to catch them on their Midwest tour!

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