Victoria Trestrail on Lyrical Venus Radio Tues 8/25!

Singer-Songwriter Victoria Trestrail
Singer-Songwriter Victoria Trestrail

Once again, I marvel at the power of the internet to connect me, right here in Iowa with my little laptop, to amazing people from around the world!

Take Victoria Trestrail –  born and raised on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, Victoria’s heritage is Venezuelan, Scottish, Portuguese, German and English. Those varied backgrounds peek through her music, from wild gypsy dance and grooving Latin rhythms to melancholy heartbreak songs, all woven through with her haunting voice. A poet for over 20 years and songwriter for 2, Victoria is also a self-taught audio engineer and producer.

Victoria’s passion and creativity and range also shine through in the videos she has created for her songs, like this one for Our Wilderness, a tender tribute to Mother Nature:

Compare that with the gritty, fun and campy Showdown with a Wild West twang:

If you’re reading elsewhere, you may need to come to the blog to see the videos

For more info on Victoria, check out her profile on ReverbNation:

or this newspaper interview:,91773.html

You can also get her music on Amazon:
or Rhapsody:

And of course, you can tune in to the interview with Victoria on Lyrical Venus!  Tues 8/25.  Show is from 9-10am Central time US, interview will start shortly after 9am.  The second half of the show will feature music by artists I met at Rocky Mountain Song School & Folks Fest!  Tune in to KRUU-LP 100.1 FM here in town or to online anywhere!

Lotsa Good Stuff…

An excited me in my tent behind the stage at Rocky Mountain Folks Fest
An excited me in my tent behind the stage at Rocky Mountain Folks Fest

Oops, did I leave you alone for two weeks without telling you why?  I hope you’ll forgive me when I say that it was to go off to Rocky Mountain Song School and Folks Fest at Planet Bluegrass in Lyons, Colorado.  This was my second time at that amazing haven of creativity and support for songwriters and it was just as awesome as last year.  Not only did I find lots of inspiration and direction for my own songs, I met and reconnected with a whole bunch of amazing musicians who I hope to introduce you to more in depth over the next few months!  Of all the amazing people, below are the ones who I have their CD’s already.  (Others will be sending theirs later.)  Tune in to Lyrical Venus over the next few months to hear tracks and interviews from these artists!

If you can take my word for it that they’re worth checking out right away, take a peek at their websites:

And that, my friends, is only the beginning.  I’m SO excited! :)

Seeing Blind Contest Winners!

Alrighty folks!  The moment you’ve been waiting for is here!  There were some great answers to the question about “What entertains you?” for the contest to win the Seeing Blind CD Greatly Entertained, but I only have 3 prizes so I stuck everyone’s name in the random list generator from and the winners are:

1) Crystal – CD and T-shirt

2) Nandi – CD

3) Kevin – CD

I will be getting the prizes out to the winners shortly!  Big thank you to Melissa and the rest of the band for providing the great prizes and thanks to all of YOU for your entries!  Keep an eye out for  future give-aways, I’ve got some more CD’s in the pipeline!

Nathalie Nahai on Lyrical Venus Radio 8/4

Singer-Songwriter Nathalie Nahai
Singer-Songwriter Nathalie Nahai

It didn’t take long after singer-songwriter Nathalie Nahai sent me the link to her Sly Girl music video teaser trailer for me to write her back requesting an interview!  I was immediately pulled in by her voice and the rich bluesy groove of the song. When I found out she was in London, I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to swing a phone interview over the distance, but luckily 9am in Iowa is 3pm in London, and Nathalie was game, so we set up a call for August 4th.  Once again, I thank the internets for connecting me with another amazing musician I might never have found otherwise!

Nathalie was classically trained on violin and self-taught on guitar, and it seems that she plays a few other instruments as well!  Blend that together with her French, Iranian, Scottish and Gibraltarian heritage, a recording studio in Georgia here in the U.S., her fascination with tarot and out emerges a lovely collection of bluesy folk songs with occasional twinges of country called Fortune Teller. Her smooth voice flows over bittersweet lyrics like caramel into hot coffee for a delicious aural treat that perks up your ears. mmmmm.  :)

Beyond writing and singing songs, Nathalie is also a designer – she designed the packaging for her CDs!  Her sense of style is evident across the board, from the tarot-inspired CD artwork to her vintage/romantic glam wardrobe.  Just take a look at this video where she takes us on a tour of some of her favorite shops in London in-between talking about her music:

If you’re reading this post elsewhere, you may need to come to the actual blog to see the videos.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Sly Girl teaser video she sent me in the first place:

Sly Girl Teaser from Nathalie Nahai on Vimeo.

Nathalie does come over to the U.S. for touring on occasion, so stay tuned at her website to see if she may be coming to a venue near you in the future.  In the meantime you can get her songs on or Nathalie Nahai - Fortune Teller and you can listen to some songs and find out more on her MySpace and Facebook.

And of course, you can also tune in for the interview! The show is Tuesday from 9-10am Central on KRUU-LP 100.1 FM here in town, online anywhere. Nathalie will be calling in around 9:30.

Seeing Blind on Lyrical Venus Radio Tues 7/28! Plus a Contest!!

Seeing Blind
Seattle Alt-Rockers Seeing Blind

Nope, that date is not a mistake, I am super lucky to have TWO interviews on the 28th and I just wanted to make sure each band got their own post!  Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for contest details!

The indie alt-rock foursome Seeing Blind is based in Seattle, though it’s members originally hailed from various corners of the country.  Their formidable talents are ones you would expect from the Seattle lineage of great bands!  Melissa Levi is the lead singer and songwriter, and also plays acoustic and electric guitar.  Jessika Kitzman adds a magical and unique element with cello and Wes Amundsen  and Luke Larson hold down the rhythm section on bass and drums respectively.

Their third release, Greatly Entertained, definitely lives up to the name.  Taken alone, each track might fit into a slightly different genre – you can hear influences of jazz, folk, rock, country, blues and even classical depending on the song!  What ties all those varied influences together are Melissa’s vocals and how the band is so tight they can follow her through every twist, turn, slide and growl.  Pair that music with Melissa’s intelligent, insightful lyrics and you have a greatly entertaining album!

Comparisons to Zappa, Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley, and Ani DiFranco have been made in an attempt to describe Seeing Blind’s unique style of music, and while you can certainly hear elements, the band quietly embraces all their influences while defining their own sound that is distinctly Seeing Blind.  Their passion and devotion to their craft is evident in every note.  But don’t take my word for it!  Have a listen to some songs from Greatly Entertained and discover more about the band on this widget:


If you’re reading this post elsewhere, you may need to come to the blog to see the widget

To find out more about Seeing Blind, head over to their website or MySpace, and be sure to follow them on twitter!

Here’s another thing I think you all might find entertaining – Seeing Blind has donated a prize package so we can have another blog contest!!  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us about something that greatly entertains YOU – it can be anything, music, movies, boating, cooking, watching the grass grow – whatever makes you happy!  Just be sure you also fill in your email address when you leave a comment so I can contact you if you win.  (Don’t worry, no one can see it but me, and I won’t use it for anything other than to let you know you won!)  I think Melissa is sending enough stuff that we can have multiple prizes, so let’s have those comments!  Tell your friends!  We’ll let the contest go through Friday August 21st when I’ll announce the winners.  Rock on!

Don’t forget to tune in to the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour for the interview with Seeing Blind!  KRUU-LP 100.1 FM here in town, online anywhere!  The show is from 9-10am Central, Seeing Blind interview will start shortly after 9:30.

Photo Credit: Kendall Shea