New Interviews Added to the Lyrical Venus Radio Archives!

Wow, I think this is the first week in a looong time that I DON’T have an interview lined up for The Lyrical Venus Radio Hour! That’s fine though, I’m sure not lacking in fantabulous music to play. Tune in Tuesday from 9am-10am Central time to hear it!

If you’re needing an interview fix though, I’ve got just the thing for you – last week I spent FOUR hours at the station after my show and posted up a huge bunch of past interviews to the archives! It doesn’t take that long to actually post an interview, but if I have to tweak levels or something, that’s the part that takes a while. I’m no audio engineer, so sometimes in the craziness of the moment – running the sound board, two mics, the computers, the playlist, the phone AND trying to have an intelligent conversation LIVE on the air, well, things can come out a little less than perfectly sometimes. There’s some stuff I can do to make parts of it a little better, but I can’t fix everything.

I hope that the love and appreciation I have for these artists is evident enough in the interviews and can make up for any little technical glitches you might notice. It’s rather similar to a live recording of a concert – if something messes up, it’s recorded that way forever!

That said, I think the mess ups are far fewer than the fun and magic moments, and I may be listening with a hyper self-critical ear! I’ll let you be the judge! Here is the link so now you can stream them to your heart’s content, or even download them and listen later on your iPod (or computer or whatever mp3 device you have):

Sadly there was some sort of glitch at the station a few weeks back which resulted in a couple months worth of interviews being temporarily inaccessible to me, so I couldn’t post ones from part of October and November, but those will be coming as soon as I can get them up! And you’ll have plenty to check out in the meantime (the blog entries will have more info and links to all of their websites):

Jana Pochop Interview Blog
Beaucoup Shakti (LIVE in the studio)Interview Blog
Kristi Martel Interview Blog
Bonnie McKee Interview Blog
Truckstop Souvenir (LIVE in the studio)Interview Blog
Moira Smiley of VOCO Interview Blog

So there you have it! Tune in Tuesday from 9-10 central for the live show, this week and every week! KRUU-LP 100.1 FM in town, online anywhere.

(If I cook up some good theme idea between now and then I’ll put up another post to let you know. )

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