Learn the Chords to ‘Thank You For Last Night’ From Amy Kuney Herself!

I love how a lot of artists these days are actually encouraging people to cover their songs. I think it’s a great way to engage the fans AND spread the word about your music! The latest tutorial I’ve seen is this one by Amy Kuney for her song Thank You For Last Night. She actually created the video for a contest she’s running to promote the remix of her single and in honor of Valentine’s day – if you win she’ll send you a Valentine in the mail!  She says you can do any sort of version of her song as long as you don’t lip sync. 

The single is available now on spinmoverecords.com for $2.50 and will be up on iTunes soon.  It includes the remix, the Spanish version and a cover of “Little Love Affairs” by Nanci Griffith.  I’m personally interested to hear what Thank You For Last Night sounds like in Spanish (Gracias Por Anoche). 😀

Check out the video on its YouTube page for more details about the contest and for the HD version.

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