Kate Graves Interview on Lyrical Venus Radio! Tues 9am

Singer-songwriter Kate Graves

Singer-songwriter Kate Graves

Kate Graves is another one of the amazing and talented artists I met at Song School last August.  The whole experience was a bit overwhelming, with so many people to meet and things to learn in such a short time, but as I follow up on the connections I find my heart ever expanding in appreciation and awe that I actually got to hang out with these people!

Kate was in a writing class I took with Melissa Ferrick.  Melissa showed us a fun free-writing exercise that helped bring out a lot of neat ideas we could possibly develop into songs.  When I contacted Kate later on MySpace about doing an interview, she told me that she was working on a new album and would be able to schedule something for early 2009 after the recording was done.

What a treat it was to get a sampling of 3 of her new songs in my inbox a few days ago!  I’ve been on vacation the past 10 days, so I loaded the songs on to my iPod for listening to on the plane ride home.  I listened to them over and over and over.  Delightful, sweet, sticky and raw little songs I couldn’t get enough of – I had to be careful not to sing along too loud to the choruses so as not to disturb my fellow passengers!  I can’t wait to hear the whole album.

I’m not sure which part of Kate’s songs has crept under my skin more, the melodies, the lyrics or her voice.  I’m clearly not the only fan, Paul Godbout, lead singer of Secret Sobriety says, “Kate’s voice is the Long Island Ice Tea of voices. It’s One part Lucinda, two part Emmylou, with a twist of Norah Jones.”

Tune in to Lyrical Venus Radio on Tuesday from 9-10 am Central for music by female singer-songwriters, the interview with Kate (starting at 9:30) and to hear her brand spankin’ newly recorded songs before you can even get them online or in stores!  KRUU-LP 100.1 FM in town, kruufm.com online anywhere!

Check out Kate’s website and MySpace for more info and updates on when the new album Love Songs for the Neurotic will be available.

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  1. Dave Zeman says:

    Added her as a friend in MySpace, thanks for the recommendation… who knows some day she could win a Zemmy… 😉

  2. Lyrical Venus says:

    Awesome Dave, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy getting to know Kate’s music!

  3. Dave Zeman says:

    Hey Heather… your site is now linked to the new blog…


    I’m tempted to ask you to be a contributor; I’ve never have done a shared site before.


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