Interview with Denise Hudson on Lyrical Venus Radio! Tues 8/24

Singer-songwriter Denise Hudson

Singer-songwriter Denise Hudson

Singer-songwriter Denise Hudson is based in Austin, Texas. Don’t let the Texas part put any LeAnn Rimes ideas in your head though, Tori Amos is more the right direction to head while trying to figure out how to describe Denise’s unique style.

I met Denise through an online songwriting contest called SpinTunes and was quickly charmed by her moody-rich piano work, quirky lyrics and arresting vocals.  Smokey, growly, wispy and sweet by turns, Denise’s voice is definitely one that fascinates.  I’m not the only intrigued one either, she’s in high demand for collaborations with many of the other musicians involved in the contests she has participated in recently!

Denise is no stranger to the music world, having played professionally in bands in Austin, and is no stranger to song contests either.  You can hear (and download them for free if you like) a whole album’s worth of tunes she’s written from various contests over on her Bandcamp page.

I am pretty new to this songwriting competition world, but apparently there are at least a few of them that are run in a fun way where the focus is on writing and the prize is pretty much just bragging rights to the winner, but everyone who participates wins really, because everyone gets new songs out of the endeavors!  My favorite description I heard of in terms of explaining this style of contest was comparing it to Iron Chef – there are 4 rounds, each round has a challenge that competitors must meet while writing and recording a new song in about a week.  Each round, competitors are judged and ranked, the bottom scorers are eliminated and in the last round the finalists duke it out for the top position.  One aspect I like the most about the SpinTunes competition is that people are encouraged to submit “shadow” entries.  As in, even after you are eliminated, write a song that meets the challenge and submit it for everyone to check out.  All in all it’s a very supportive, fun and creatively stimulating community!

But getting back to Denise in specific, here is Duality Cupcake, a song that won her Round 3 of a previous competition she was in called Song-Fu:

If you are viewing this elsewhere you may need to come to the actual blog to see the video

Aside from being a fascinating songwriter, Denise is a kind, generous, funny, sensitive, and caring person who cheered me on more than once when I was doubting I could even make it through some of the SpinTunes rounds, and helped me with a cover that I am still working on.  She is also a lover of lists, tacos and unorthodox hair colors (rock on!!).  I feel fortunate to have met her and look forward to hearing more of whatever she produces in the future.  If you want to stay posted too, connect with her at one or all of her homes around the web!

Denise Hudson on:


And of course, you can join me this Tuesday, August 24th, from 9-10am Central to get to know Denise, and to get your weekly dose of songs by female singer-songwriters!  KRUU-LP 100.1 FM here in town, online anywhere! Denise will be calling at about 9:30. I’ll kick off with a half hour of tunes by upcoming guests and new artists I met out at the Rocky Mountain Song School about a week ago!

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