Feist Counts to Four on Sesame Street!

I know, I know 3 posts in 3 days! But I just saw this on my friend Jana’s blog and couldn’t wait to share it!

You probably remember back when Feist’s song 1 2 3 4 was on the ipod Nano commercial, well, she’s gone and reworked it for Sesame Street and sings with Muppets! Be still my heart!

Feed and email readers may need to come to the blog to see the videos

I’m not sure if it was Feist’s or Sesame Street’s idea, but it does put out an interesting idea for songwriters because plenty of “grown-up” songs could be reworked for kids. One of my favorites is still Letter B by The Beetles:

And REM’s Furry Happy Monsters is pretty brilliant too. And the person who posted that has a bunch more… must. tear. self. from. computer.
(Oh my sheesh I love YouTube!)

5 Responses to “Feist Counts to Four on Sesame Street!”

  1. Jana says:

    You rock because you did FURTHER research! That’s so cool. I love me some Sesame.

  2. Nandi says:

    Yeah Sesame Street! I am so excited to see the Jim Henson collection that’s currently in DC ( http://www.sites.si.edu/henson/ ). It’s in an underground museum even! :O

  3. Upside Up says:

    Tried to kirtsy this, but your YouTube link is no longer active. Try this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fciD_II7NI&eurl

    Email me at laurie (at) kirtsy (dot) com and I'll kirtsy it once it's working!

  4. tracey clark says:

    i just can’t get enough of it! so so so cute!!! came by way of kirtsy. : )

  5. Heather says:

    Thanks kirtsy gals! Glad you like it, be sure to check out my CD contest on the front page of the blog!

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