Dejha Colantuono on Lyrical Venus 10/6

Singer-songwriter Dejha Colantuono
Singer-songwriter Dejha Colantuono

Native New Yorker Dejha Colantuono is no stranger to the music scene, she fronted a number of bands during her time in Seattle, including 3DS&M, the Pin-Ups, Rotten Apples, and Ragazza.  From growing up with two jazz musicians to all that time writing and performing in Seattle, every step of Dejha’s path has brought her into the seasoned performer she is today, ready to shine on her debut solo album.

If you listened to the individual tracks on Tea and Vodka, you might not necessarily place them as on the same album – one seems influenced by No Doubt, another perhaps Prince, yet another hints at Bjork.  You might not necessarily place them as on the same album, except for that unmistakable, soulful, rock voice that marks them all as Dejha’s.  She has the power to belt it, and the control to keep it low as the emotion calls.

I was only able to find this video of Dejha with her band Rotten Apples, but it gives you the idea of her voice, her passionate intensity and the catchy flavor of her songs:

If you are reading this elsewhere, you may need to come to the actual blog to see the video.

Find out more about Dejha and her new solo album Tea and Vodka on her website or MySpace

Of course, you can also tune in to the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour on KRUU for the interview with Dejha and to hear some songs there! KRUU-LP 100.1 FM in town, online anywhere!
The show is from 9-10 am Central Tuesday 10/6/09. Dejha will be calling from about 9:30-10.

Click here for the podcast of the 10/6/09 interview with Dejha Colantouno

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