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Courtenay Green live

Singer-Songwriter Courtenay Green

Courtenay Green is a colorful character.  By that I mean she really seems to dig colors.  For example her band is called See Green, (it used to be Courtenay Green & The Red Scare), their new EP is called Violet, and there’s a track on it called Goldmine.

Lame pun attempts aside, See Green makes some pretty rockin’ pop music.  The kind that makes me walk back into the room where my computer is to check what’s playing when their songs come up on shuffle.  The songs on Violet have some flavors that I remember from some of my favorite movie soundtracks in the 90’s but with a fresh twist.  Which means for me, listening to See Green feels like catching up with an old buddy from high school who I maybe haven’t seen since graduation.  Familiar enough to slip right into comfortable conversation, long enough time apart that there’s a lot I want to know about them and what they’ve been doing.

See Green just released a brand new music video for their song Get What I Want. If you can watch this without at least bobbing your head, I think there might be something a bit off with you.

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Courtenay is a multi-instrumentalist, so she composes and arranges all the parts in her songs and has recruited a crack team of LA musicians (who look great in cardigans!) to form the band See Green. They have already been rocking stages and dance floors around the country, and I have a feeling they are only getting started.

I Can Change (LCD Soundsytem Cover) by See Green

If you you like what you are hearing, catch up with See Green around the web!

Check out more of their videos on YouTube.

Stream the Violet EP on Bandcamp.

Follow Courtenay on Twitter

You can purchase the Violet EP on their official website, which also has links to their other social sites.

And of course, you can join me this Tuesday, August 31st, from 9-10am Central to get to know Courtenay, and to get your weekly dose of songs by female singer-songwriters!  KRUU-LP 100.1 FM here in town, online anywhere! Courtenay will be calling in around 9:30.

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