I Still Can’t Believe This: Video for "Pek"

Tweet When I saw Ember Swift and Lyndell Montgomery perform Pek a couple years ago I was totally blown away. Not only is it a super fun and funky song with an exotic flavor, as it unfolded I kept thinking “Lyndell’s doing WHAT now? Ember’s playing her guitar HOW? I didn’t even know that was […]

So Beautiful – Lori McKenna’s Unglamorous

Tweet I just discovered Lori McKenna’s YouTube channel. Along with a great interview video, it has several fun little travel vlogs from her recent Soul2Soul tour with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. The vlogs show Lori just as I would imagine based on her written blogs: humble, grateful, excited and a bit wide-eyed about the […]

Handful of Dates Tour

Tweet So I’m reading about Melissa Ferrick and how she is playing with Ani DiFranco for the “Handful of Dates Tour” this September and I’m thinking, “Oh bummer, with just a few dates it’s probably just big cities.” I click through to the info page and what do I see but “Iowa City, IA – […]