Shout It Out! Adrianne Rocks!

Tweet I almost missed Girlyman when they came through this fall. I’m glad I didn’t, or I would have also missed out on discovering a new favorite artist! The concert was on a Monday night, an hour and a half away, and I kind of spaced on getting a ticket till that actual day. I […]

Absolutely Inspired By Ani DiFranco’s Canon

Tweet When I went to the Ani DiFranco concert on her Handful of Dates Tour in Iowa City last month, I was completely BLOWN AWAY! I know, I know – as a female folkie I’m supposed to have Ani’s entire collection already or something, but I think I just wasn’t ready till now to really […]

10 Questions with Leslie Berry

Tweet I’m very pleased to present you with the first of what I hope to be many Lyrical Venus interviews! I met Leslie Berry when she performed at Cafe Paradiso a few years ago with Lauren Lapointe. Both talented ladies were also very sweet and gracious after the show, and when I shyly told them […]

Wendy Waldman, Wonder Woman!

Tweet Finally, the first of last month’s promised concert reviews! Wendy Waldman is one of those musicians I didn’t know I knew. She’s totally amazing, and has been to Cafe Paradiso twice now! If you’ve heard Fishing in the Dark (most recently recorded by Garth Brooks, originally made famous by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), […]

Dar Williams: One of the Most Inspiring Singers I Know

Tweet I can probably credit much of the beginning of my love of singer songwriter music to Dar Williams. I think the other portion of credit goes to a whole bunch of fabulous ladies at Lilith Fair in Atlanta, including Sarah McLachlan, but that’s a whole other entry! I was first introduced to Dar’s music […]