Crazy! Win Handwritten Lyrics from Lori McKenna

Tweet But first this important message: This week’s theme on the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour is Crazy! From slightly strange to completely insane, that off-center state of mind is familiar to many a female singer songwriter, even if only through observation! Listen Tuesday 9AM CST. Tune in to 100.1 FM in Fairfield, or online […]

Lori McKenna’s Unglamorous Now Available!

Tweet It’s been out since yesterday, but I just downloaded my copy from iTunes tonight. Came with a bonus track and digital booklet. Unglamorous is definitely more polished/produced sounding than her previous stuff, but it’s still Lori. I’m pretty curious to know how many songs are autobiographical and how many are just her ability to […]

Listen to Lori McKenna’s Album Unglamorous NOW!

Tweet Just found out you can listen to Lori McKenna’s entire new album “Unglamorous” a week before you can buy it in stores! Just go to It’s free, you just have to download their player. Going off for a listen. P.S. Her new website is looking great, and has current touring info, news etc.

Quick Links

Tweet Just some quick little links because Harry Potter is calling! Two awesome interviews and two music related movie previews: Interview with Lori McKenna Interview with Mandy Moore Looks like August Rush is going to be a gorgeous movie, I cried just at this little preview! I really want to see Once. My friend in […]

I Can’t Stop Listening To: Mandy Moore’s "Wild Hope"

Tweet Anyone paying attention to my Last.FM profile would notice that Mandy Moore has skyrocketed to the top of my charts in the last week or so. That’s because I can’t stop listening to her new album Wild Hope. 137 song plays! And that’s not even counting the times I listened to it at work! […]