The Next Best Thing to Live

Tweet Ok, this has been around for a while, but if you haven’t seen Zach Braff’s broadcast from Indie 103.1 of five artists from the Last Kiss Soundtrack, you are in for a real treat! Here’s a guy who loves music, and he manages to get a bunch of his favorite artists to not only […]

What Imogen Heap Is Listening To These Days

Tweet Check out this mini-interview where Imogen Heap lists the music she’s currently into, plus lists some of her musical firsts (first concert, first album, etc). I almost think my favorite part is at the top where they list her instruments: Carpet Tubes, Vocals, Metal Gate, Keyboards, Kazoo, Programming … Brilliant.

Traveling with Ember and Imogen

Tweet Two musicians I love are traveling these days. They both have blogs they update regularly that I find fascinating to read. Their little glimpses into other cultures make me want to get out and see them myself, but I guess it’s pretty much the next best thing!Ember Swift is about two months through a […]

Fresh and Green – Music for Spring!

Tweet Originally posted on my MySpace blog. One of the “dangers” of MySpace (and the internet in general) for me is the way I can so easily discover great new musicians. It’s a blessing and a curse, because while I can often get my fix by listening to music players on websites, if it’s good […]