Ani DiFranco Talks About Mindful Parenting, New CD Coming Soon!

Tweet I just saw this video of Ani DiFranco talking with Mindful Mama Magazine. They have a great contest going on for moms to win a trip to see Ani in NYC, with a spa package and babysitting included. Feed and email readers may need to come to the blog to see the video What […]

Sara Groves – I Saw What I Saw

Tweet Oh my dear friends and fellow music lovers! I have had some busy times and some more busy times are ahead. I just got back from a trip to Seattle to see one of my dear friends graduate from Naturopathic Medical school. (And she did it while having 3 little boys! The oldest is […]

New Year Off to a Good Start!

Tweet Hello lovely readers! You will never guess what I did this morning to kick off the New Year! (Well, unless I told you about it already in person…) I DID A RADIO SHOW ON KRUU FM!!! One whole hour! In case all the exclamation points and capital letters didn’t clue you in already, I […]

Absolutely Inspired By Ani DiFranco’s Canon

Tweet When I went to the Ani DiFranco concert on her Handful of Dates Tour in Iowa City last month, I was completely BLOWN AWAY! I know, I know – as a female folkie I’m supposed to have Ani’s entire collection already or something, but I think I just wasn’t ready till now to really […]

Dar Williams DVD Preview Party Report!

Tweet So the Dar party was great fun! Many of the people who showed up were fairly new to Dar, and I think actually seeing her on screen was the next best introduction to seeing her live. The DVD started off with Dar talking about Woodstock (where the concert was filmed) and performing in general […]