Amie Penwell Interview on Lyrical Venus Radio!

Singer-Songwriter Amie Penwell

Singer-Songwriter Amie Penwell

Once again, I am left to marvel and bless the powers of the internet and the way it can connect people with common interests across the country or around the world even!  Nusi and I started bumping into each other on all the same MySpace musician pages, and I finally checked out her own page to find an amazing blog full of detailed reports  and photos of her experiences at house concerts around the Bay Area in California.  There seems to be quite a good network of house concerts out there that I would be a little more jealous of if Nusi wasn’t so good at making me feel like I was there!  Plus she introduces me to all sorts of neat and talented performers.  One musician Nusi tipped me off to late last year was Amie Penwell.

The Marin County singer-songwriter just released her debut full-length album King in a Temple in November.  The first thing that hits you on hearing the album is Amie’s voice.  Many a reviewer on her website tries to capture the essence in writing, but I think my favorite description is:

“Take the voice of an angel and drop it an octave.  Amie Penwell’s voice has that odd mixture of grit and polish that makes for great gospel singers. The first time you hear it, if you are sitting down, you will want to stand up. If you are standing, you may want to sit down. Her songs remind us of where we are perfect, and tell us the truth about where we are not.”
Mark Langton, Marin Independent Journal

It’s an apt description.  People often associate angelic voices with a high, pure soprano, not so much with a smokey alto.  But to listen to the lyrics is to discover that Amie is an earthly angel, one who has experienced pain and confusion and hurt and found a way to move through to the other side.  The songs let you know you’re not alone in your dark places, her voice extends a hand to help you cross over too.

So it makes perfect sense to find out that many of the songs on King in a Temple were inspired by Amie’s time spent as a caregiver for Master Artist JB Blunk during the last 6 months of his life in 2002 as he was dying from Alzheimer’s Disease.  Says Amie,  “It’s a record of our time together, our conversations, our walks, our silences. The record follows all of the emotions one goes through when they are forced to adapt and let go of all that is sacred to them, and of being a witness to someone who has no other way to go but through. When all you can do is listen, love them, help them let go, and zip up their jacket.”

King in a Temple is both lush and sparse, the rich piano and vocals balanced and lifted in all the right places with occasional touches of drums, guitar, viola and mandolin.  But as another reviewer points out, it’s really best to just hear the music for yourself.  Which you can do on Amie’s website or MySpace, or by purchasing her album on CD Baby or Amie Penwell - King In a Temple.

You can also hear Amie’s music by tuning in for the interview on KRUU!  Tune in Tuesday from 9-10 am for new songs from the new Catie Curtis and Meg Hutchinson albums, plus the interview and songs with Amie at 9:30. 100.1 FM here in town, on the world wide web!

3 Responses to “Amie Penwell Interview on Lyrical Venus Radio!”

  1. Dave Zeman says:

    So I bought one song to try her out… great depth on her voice.


  2. Stephanie Samuels says:

    This young Amie Penwell is a heart-melting knockout, akin to the once, incomparable, Annie Lennox. Blessings to the next generation!

  3. Lyrical Venus says:

    Hey Dave and Stephanie! Glad you like Amie’s stuff, I think she’s amazing!

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