8 Questions with Kim Brown, Featured Artist on Lyrical Venus Radio Tues 7/14!

Singer-Songwriter Kim Brown
Singer-Songwriter Kim Brown

You know, I think I discovered Kim Brown through one of those cold MySpace requests in my inbox.  Confession time – the way I tend to handle MySpace requests thus far is: I let them pile up till I have quite a few, and then when I have a chunk of time, I go through and (gasp) actually listen to at least one song if not more by each person who requested to be friends.  (Unless it’s some heavy metal band or something.  Then I think they are nuts for not checking who they are friend requesting first.  That’s not the effective way to use MySpace ya’ll!)

If I really like someone’s music then I leave them a note saying so!  If they respond then I know it’s the start of a real relationship, rather than someone just trying to build numbers.  (I’d consider it a real relationship even if we only contact each other a few times a year, as long as the notes aren’t generic ones.)

Anyway, Kim is one of those ones where I start up the music player and then kick myself for not accepting the friend request sooner because the music is so good!  However, it also makes me glad that I have my system of listening to a person’s songs right when I do the friend request, because if I just accepted everyone the moment they asked it’s likely they’d just get lost and I’d never hear the music at all.  So the system may be flawed, but it’s the best I can do for now.

HINT: if you want me to get to your friend request sooner, leave me a nice message along with your friend request, something about what you can do for me perhaps, or how you discovered me, or why you think I might like your music in a way that shows me you actually took some time to figure out what kind of music I like and play on my show…  I do scan through requests quickly every few days for messages and accept a few people before I do my big “batch processing”.

Anyway, back to Kim!  Kim is a Canadian singer-songwriter with a fantastic sound.  Her rocking tunes are full of heart and soul and backed by a variety of instruments: acoustic & electric guitar, bass, piano, synths, and more, even viola!  The catchy hooks have me grooving my head to the beat and hitting the repeat button over and over.  Her bio says she has written hundreds of songs and has professionally recorded since the 1980’s.

When I contacted Kim, her producer sent me over some of her new tracks that will be released later this year and he also sent me Kim’s answers to some interview questions!  Tune in to the Lyrical Venus Radio hour on KRUU-LP 100.1 FM or kruufm.com on Tuesday July 14th to hear those tracks, read on for the interview!  Find out more about Kim at her MySpace page.

1) When did you know you wanted to be a songwriter?
When I was 16 a group of older people ( 19-25) from where I grew up in Box-Grove Ontario got together every week to jam songs. Some originals, some covers. These people influenced me big time. There where some stellar writers in this group.

2) Which typically comes first for you – music or lyrics?

It depends on the day and my mood although my mood can change the day !!! Some day’s words just fall out as I’m biking around town. Some days if it’s crap outside I play guitar and thing turns Blue.

3) Do you revise or rework your songs a lot?

Lyrically, Almost never. If that’s what I have to say at that moment it has to stay in that moment. Musically, Rick Joudrey (my Producer and long time Buddy) plays with the arrangement before any other musicians are involved.

4) What has the process been like for recording your CD? When is the official release?

Well first of all Rick and I got together and I played him maybe 30 songs.
He recorded them on a portable MP3 recorder. We listened for a week or so, each picking our fav’s and listening again with the comments we’d each written down. After that we found what we believed to the best players we knew for each tune, rented a very big studio room and banged most of them off as Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass and Drums. Then we when to Rick’s Studio and did all the over-dub’s and mixed it.

As of the release date, Sept 1. Weeeeeeeee !!!!!

5) Where is your favorite place to sing?

By myself, this is the BEST place. http://www.uxbridge.com/people/tfoster.html
With the Band, anywhere. We love playing.

6) If you could pick 5 or 6 people, (living or dead) to be in a super band, whom would you pick and what would they play?
I already play with them. These people really turn my crank musically.

7) Where can people listen to samples of your songs/order the CD?

To listen for now at this place. http://www.myspace.com/kimbrownsmusic
I am setting up with cd-baby and itunes.

8) BONUS QUESTION that I ask everyone and it’s fun to compare the answers – What’s your favorite sandwich?

Well…… I’m not sure, but I do like lamb.

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    hi just came across this today oct 30 2015 .im Kim Brown from BoxGrove and thats my pic ,but I’ve never been in contact with you i don’t have a specific producer ,but i have worked with several different ones ,and in the last 10 years produce myself .most of the questions someone answered for me are not really accurate and actually not accurate after re reading .i know it isn’t your fault but it makes me crazy when i come across things like this ,I’ve spent my life writing and crafting songs and i frequently have people work or play with me and take ownership and apparently speak for me .don’t mean to sound complainy or difficult ,just letting you know .oh my favourite sandwich would be mortadella with provolone cheese on crusty bread

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