8 Questions with Anna Rose. Plus – Win her EP!

Singer-Songwriter Anna Rose
Singer-Songwriter Anna Rose

Be sure to read to the bottom for details on how to win an Anna Rose EP!

Anna Rose has a passion for music that is to be admired.  It’s perhaps no surprise, seeing as her father is film composer Alan Menken, but I never would have pinned Anna Rose as his daughter if not for reading her bio.  Anna Rose has a sound all her own.

A self-proclaimed “guitarhead”, the 24 year old has been playing since the age of five, inspired by greats like Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, and Buddy Guy.  Also listed as influences are Springsteen, Dylan and The Doors.

Her music lives up to the weight of those big name inspirations, with a rockin’ grittiness not often found among other gals doing the songwriter thing these days.  Her self-titled debut contains 5 songs and is leading up to a full album.  If this EP is any indication, the full album is going to be quite the treat!  Have a listen yourself to this MP3 for starters, and then read on to learn more about the artist behind the music: Picture by Anna Rose

1) When did you know you wanted to be a songwriter?

Wow! You know what, I’m not sure! I knew I would be a musician for as long as I can remember, but I think I was around 12 when I started writing my first songs and the vision of my future became fully realized. I definitely did not choose this path, it chose me.

2) What is your songwriting process like?

It varies because there are times when the lyrics come first and then other times I get a melody line into my head before the lyrics come to me. I also have those moments when an entire song will come to me all at once, which is the most amazing feeling in the world. No matter what, though, I do find the writing process to be a very private one and I have a hard time writing when other people are around.

3) What is one thing (besides your instruments!) you can’t leave for a
tour without?

My dog, Joplin. She is my constant companion. She is laying next to me even as I write this to you! I also could not go anywhere without a camera and a journal to document my travels.

4) Where is your favorite place to sing?

In my car!! I’ve always done it, but when I was living in Los Angeles, I spent so much time driving that I started making myself useful and warming up my voice for a gig in the car on the way there. I still have that habit, but it’s a little different in New York when I sing in the back of a cab on the way to a show, I get some amazing looks from the driver.

5) If you could form a super-group of any musicians, living or dead, who would you choose and what would they play?

This question is too important for me to answer, it would take a thesis statement and endless research. Ask me in 50 years when I’m worthy!! At the end of the day, I am a little kid in an industry of giants.

6) What are you most proud of on this album?

Everything. It was such a struggle to stay true to my vision, to not lose focus and to trust my co-producer and my bandmates. I learned so much from everyone I worked with. I guess I am most proud of what I learned in the process of making the record, but nothing beats the feeling of holding the first copy of the album on your hands, with all the artwork on it, knowing people will finally be able to hear it.

7) What was the last book you read?
The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand.

8 ) Any upcoming projects (musical or non) that you’d like to share?

Absolutely! I am playing two shows with my band coming up in New York City – The Gramercy Theatre on September 21st and Rockwood Music Hall on September 29th. The 29th is also the release date of the EP, so be sure to come out to the shows and pick up a copy!!

BONUS QUESTION: What is your favorite sandwich? :-)
You can’t beat a good PB&J, my friend.

Learn more about Anna Rose at her MySpace or Website.  If you like what you hear, leave a comment about either a) your favorite guitarist OR b) your favorite color of rose on this post and I will have a drawing on October 2nd for one lucky person to win an Anna Rose EP!

8 Responses to “8 Questions with Anna Rose. Plus – Win her EP!”

  1. Crystal says:

    Carlos Santana, without a doubt!!!!

  2. fulltext says:

    Pink long stemmed

    I love the contrast in a cobalt blue vase

  3. Dave Zeman says:

    Another fine talent… I too am getting CDs in the mail… I suppose it’s a nice way benefit from putting time into doing house concerts.

    Wish you and Anna luck… she sounds like a fine talent.


  4. Ananda says:

    Good music! (as usual – no surprise really)

    I would have to say George Harrison as my fav. guitarist.

  5. Daniel says:

    I love the “fire and ice” roses.

  6. Shawn says:

    Thanks for sharing the interview. My favorite guitarist is Prince.

  7. Patrick says:

    I’m on a Sonic Youth kick at the moment, but I can’t decide between their guitarists: Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore.

  8. Andres says:

    I like Raspberry Rose…reminds me of sunsets. :)

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