Sweet Talk Radio on Lyrical Venus 3/16! Cafe Paradiso 3/20!

Tweet UPDATE 7/29/10: Here is the link to the March interview on KRUU with Tim and Kate.  You can stream it there or download and listen at your leisure. Last August, I was at a cool but noisy bar in Lyons Colorado, with billiards in the back, a stage set with an array of acoustic […]

10 Questions with Lelia Broussard

Tweet I think I first saw Lelia Broussard in her acoustic cover of Beyonce’s Single Ladies on YouTube.  Her goofy faces and charming smile as she hammed it up for the camera didn’t hide the fact that she had a VOICE.  Smokey, warm and soulful, she gave the dance number a fun swingin’ take.  I […]

True Margrit on Lyrical Venus Radio! Tues 3/9

Tweet San Francisco based piano-pop trio True Margrit is fronted by singer-songwriter and piano-player Margrit Eichler.  Backed by Gary Hobish on bass and Andrew Bacon on drums, Margrit delivers her intelligent, upbeat songs with just enough pop flavor to be head-boppingly catchy, and just enough indie quirk to keep your ears on their toes.  Their […]

Laura Meyer on Lyrical Venus 3/2!

Tweet Laura Meyer lists New York City as her base, but between moving often while growing up and her extensive touring, it seems that this independent artist is also an independent spirit, able to find beauty wherever she lands.  Her latest album, Miles From Nowhere, supports that idea, capturing slices of the traveling life from […]