The Lovell Sisters on Lyrical Venus Radio 4/28

Tweet The Lovell Sisters My friend and crafter extraordinaire Nandi introduced me to the Lovell Sisters a while back.  She went to one of their concerts over on the East Coast where she lives and afterward she talked to them about whether they were open to doing  interviews and then also surprised me by sending […]

Tables Turned, My Turn!

Tweet Me at a Cafe Paradiso Open Mic a few years ago… OK, I admit, I’ve been distracted from the blog lately, but that is because I’ve sort of had the tables turned on me in the past couple of weeks.  I was supposed to open for Ehren Ebbage‘s show last Saturday, so I was […]

Anaïs Mitchell Sings “If Moon Was Cookie”

Tweet I’ve been a big fan of Anaïs Mitchell for quite a while now. She recently did three shows in the Pacific Northwest as a special guest of the Portland Cello Project. Apparently they learned the Sesame Street song “If Moon Was Cookie” because they thought PBS was going to be taping them. PBS postponed, […]